Here at Barewood Buildings Ltd we want your new garden building to have the longest life possible which is why we believe the correct base must be put in place prior to the building being installed.
Planning Permision? If you are unsure about the planning laws in your county please contact their office before purchasing a new building. Houses built in protected areas may be subject to different rules and regulations.

Below we will explain the correct base requirements and the different types of bases for your garden building but remember we offer full installation on any garden building so if you need us to install a base for you just select (supply & install) when purchasing a base. If there is no option for a base on a product page you can contact us through our live chat on the website or send us a message on the contact us page and we will contact you directly to talk through your
base options.

So what is good base?

Ground & Base Options
It is without question the most important factor before installing any type of building you must have a solid, level and dry base. If you do not install your new garden building onto a level base then you will find parts of the building will not meet (line up) correctly, also this means when it comes to fitting your roof it will be twisted and out of shape. This will also put strain on specific areas of the building rather then spread the weight across the structure as its designed too which will lead to cracking and splitting of the wood. The ground must not be soft as it will need to support the weight of the building, but don’t worry we can help you with this when installing the base for you. Just contact us and a member of the team will be happy to give you a quotation. Whatever size of building you require its best to leave a 5’cm lip around the base to ensure adequate base size for the building. Another way of working this out is to add 4″ to the overall dimensions.
*We offer wooden frame bases and installation on all products that suit this particular type of base.
*If you are looking at purchasing a large building or storing heavy objects then you will find concrete or paving slabs your best option. If you are considering installing this type of base yourself or you have a local builder that can do this for you they must ensure the concrete is placed ontop of a hard foundation and the concrete is atleast 150mm deep, otherwise you can contact us for a quotation and we will be happy install the base for you.

Whatever base option you choose you must remember to leave a gaps under the floor of the shed to allow it to breath and prevent it from moisture transfer which will lead to wood rot and shorten life expectancy.

Where will my garden building go?
Before choosing an area in the garden to place your building here are some things to consider
* Please ensure there is access for the delivery to get it into the garden
* Wherever you choose to erect your building you will need to access every side      of it, not only for assembly but for routine maintenance and to apply treatments      etc…
* If you are using this area for a workshop, log cabin or summerhouse then you      may want to consider a well lit area also you may want to think about the view      from the building
* If you are considering electrical supply then think how you will bring the cable to    the building.

Installing a base is a relatively hassle-free job and need not put you off purchasing any of our products. If you are happy to prepare the ground and base prior to installation then please consider some of our pointers in the notes above. However as part our our Great service here at Barewood we are more than happy to install the foundation, base and garden building for you so rest assured you can simply select the install option and sit back whilst we do all the hard work for you.