Featuring a classic pent roof, this wooden garden building boasts a large amount of interior head room that is ideal for storing tall items such as sports equipment and gardening tools. High quality mineral felt is included with this pent shed to offer a protective barrier against adverse weather conditions. Shatterproof styrene glazed windows allow natural light to flood the interior, providing a bright and airy space for avid DIY enthusiasts to work in. Double doors make storing awkward items such as lawn mowing equipment easy work; the inside of the doors have been fitted with ‘Z’ shaped bracing for additional support. A pad bolt is supplied to keep the doors securely closed when not in use.


HEIGHT: 6′ 11 (2.10m)
COLOUR: Pressure Treated
INTERNAL DEPTH: 4′ 4″ (1.32m)
DEPTH: 4′ 7″ (1.40m)
INTERNAL WIDTH: 13′ 8″ (4.15m)
DOOR STYLE: Double Doors
ROOF TYPE: Pent Roof
DOOR HEIGHT: 5′ 5 (1.70m)
DOOR WIDTH: 3′ 8″ (1.10m)
SIZE: 14’x5′
EAVES HEIGHT: 5′ 11″ (1.80m)
WIDTH: 14′ 0″ (4.26m)
FRAMING: 1′ x 1 (28mm x 28mm)
WINDOWS: Fixed Windows
GLAZING MATERIAL: Styrene Glazed Windows

Note For Timber Treatment

To be sure your Timber Product will stand the test of time and is protected from the open elements we advise you to treat it with a quality timber preservative (spirit based) as soon as the unit is fully constructed.
Just like all other timber products placed outside this will need to be repeated yearly.

DELIVERY TIME IS 5-7 DAYS – After the order is placed a member of our Customer Service Team will send you an email with a link which will take you to the available delivery days and its here you can select your desired delivery date.
If you have not selected a delivery day after 2 working days we will call you and arrange the delivery date over the phone.